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Regions of the US

by Laura <cmurakami>

Helps students learn locations of the regions of the United States and fun facts about each.


by <kazoo>

Plot +

by Sridhar Narayan <narayans>

Plot quadratic functions and calculate their integral using Riemann sums

El loro pelado 2-2

by Magdalena Lallo <mlallo>

Luego de leídoel cuento de Horacio Quiroga, se brindan los elementos para recrear el cuento , facilitando la estructura narrativa. Los pesonaJes se encuentran en una pestaña

GSo C-Vector Fun

by Richo <richo>

A simple example showing the benefits of having each vector as a separate morph.

bigfoot 1

by <dgs209>

Just Painted Car

by Alan Kay <alan>

Etoys is a great tool to model an idea through exploration. Begin by painting a simple object.

The Conjunction Express

by FTaylor <cmurakami>

A creative way to practice conjunctions. Could be used as a template for further examples.

Epiciclos 2

by SM <santiago>

Bug World

by Karl <karl>

Help mindless bugs to their cabin

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