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point Toward Cursor

by Scott Wallace <scott>

Shows how to make an arrow always point toward the cursor

Sine wave

by Richo <richo>

Graficador de ondas seno. Permite cambiar algunos parámetros como la amplitud, la fase y la frecuencia.

Growing forest

by Richo <richo>

Toying around with fractal trees

Area Geo Boards 1

by Mr Steve <mrsteve>

Tools for Thinking About Area

Turtle and Dinosaur

by Aaron <teefal>

Waveplace Nicaragua Pilot

Find Factors

by Sridhar Narayan <narayans>

Simple Springs

by Alan Kay <alan>

This is a simulation of a simple spring. One of its end points is attached to a moving platform.

mission 1XO

by Randall Caton <rcaton>

Design a robot to complete a mission

The Dancing Pirate

by Vanessa <teefal>

Waveplace St John Pilot

navigating car PROBLEM F

by Avigail Snir at EtoysIllinois <avigail>

Activity book that leads to the question: Why "gear" does not work when using wheels heading in car's heading.

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