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by <yoshiki>

Mandelbrot set drawing

Paper airplane

by Richo <richo>

A simple game

Life Game

by <yoshiki>

An implementation of Conway's Life Game

Square Wave

by <yoshiki>

A visual illustration of Fourier series for square waves

Quorum sensing

by Nevit Dilmen (modified by Yoshiki) <yoshiki>

le chien

by Junior <teefal>

Waveplace Haiti Pilot

Orphans and Oranges

by Jean <teefal>

Waveplace Haiti PIlot

supermercado -RC

by Adaptación al sistema monetario argentino por Rodolfo Converso <carlos>

Contar dinero

Creating Polygons

by Christine Murakami <cmurakami>

Teaches relationship between number of sides of a polygon and the angle turned.

Music Chord explained

by Brian Theado <btheado>

Copy of Music Chord game by digimath with a slideshow of pictures and description of how some of the functionality works.

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