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Frog Puzzle

by Digimath <digimath>

Make the frogs jump until the pattern is reversed. Click on Help for the rules

Tortuver la Tortuga

by Carlos Rabassa <carlos>

Traduccion de Seymour Quest

monster cave

by Daddy and Isabel <teefal>

isabel's first etoys project

hunting Frog Bis

by Suzanne Guyader <hilaire>

movements and animation coordinated with sounds

tablas _de _multiplicar

by Rodolfo Converso <carlos>


Shapes 1

by Mr. Steve <mrsteve>

Clothing Dress Up

by E H <cmurakami>

paper doll fashion dress up

magic Tank

by Brady and Isabel <teefal>

A story about a magic tank/submarine.


by rcaton <rcaton>

Observe the perimeters of inscribed and circumscribed polygons approach pi as the number of sides increases. The perimeter units are normalized so the diameter of the circle is 1.

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