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by Alumnos de 5o y 6o grado, Escuela 35 Durazno, Uruguay <carlos>

Estudio de Salud, Higiene y Nutrición

Make AMovie

by Alan Kay <alan>

Etoys can accept input from a camera. It creates a series of still pictures (JPGs) from the movie.

Logistic map

by <yoshiki>

Logistic Map demo

Snake game

by <karl>

Word Scramble

by M.Livingston <cmurakami>

A spelling game where you unscramble words. Clues are included on each page if needed.

Aprendo I Learn 012 D

by Carlos Rabassa <carlos>

Ratón Arriba Abajo y Presionado

Sunflower Seed -wiz

by (wiz) Jerome Peace <wiz>

How does a sunflower grow from a sunflower seed?


by Bert Freudenberg <bert>

Pseudo-3D gallery effect

hello World

by Tim Falconer <teefal>

the first showcase project

Graph It

by Mr. Steve <mrsteve>

Learn to Graph with Etoys

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