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Bert Freudenberg

Bert Freudenberg is a freelance software engineer. As consultant to VPRI he integrated Etoys into Sugar, the user-interface framework used on the OLPC "XO" children's laptop.

Bert is a long-time member of the open-source Squeak community; he has served as an elected community leader since 2006. His contributions range from the Linux web-browser plugin over OpenGL support in X11 to work in the Tweak and Croquet projects.

In 2004, Bert received a PhD in engineering from the University of Magdeburg's Computer Science dept. for a thesis on real-time rendering of non-photorealistic graphics. Then he worked at Impara GmbH, helping ship the award-winning Squeak-based kids drawing tool "Plopp". Currently, Bert lives with his wife and four children in Magdeburg, Germany.
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