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Privacy Policy

Your privacy and safety online are very important to us. To protect your privacy, we limit what we collect and what we publish on the website, and we do not share your data with anyone.

Using Etoys Software

You do not have to tell us anything about yourselves to download the Etoys software.

Using Our Website

You can try out projects on our website without providing any information.

When you subscribe to our mailing list, we ask for some information. The only required information is your email address. We do not make any of this information public.

When you sign up for an account, we require a username, password, and email address. The only information that appears on the website is your username.

Children under 13 are not permitted to create their own accounts. They must ask a parent or guardian to create their account, using the parent or guardian's email address. Children should refrain from putting last names or other identifying material in usernames or within any Etoys projects that they share.

We put a "cookie" on your computer to allow you to use the website. A cookie is a small data file that indicates you are the same person during a session.

We do not share, sell, or rent your information to anyone. We do not have any third-party content, advertising, or cookies.