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Rita Freudenberg

Rita Freudenberg lives in Magdeburg, Germany, which is 1.5 hours west of Berlin and near the river Elbe. She got her start with Etoys in the late nineties, when her husband Bert introduced her to Etoys, Squeak and Smalltalk. It took her quite some time to discover the magic of Etoys, but since then, she's a true believer.

At first she started using Etoys at home playing around with her children, but later introduced Etoys courses at the university, where she trains computer science teachers. Over time, she's conducted Etoys courses with students from 3rd grade to university freshmen. Each time, she enjoys the participants creativity and enthusiasm.

Later on, she joined the Squeak Germany Foundation as a board member, where she put her efforts on the translation of materials and documentation, because from her experiences with teachers she knows how critical it is to have something available in their native language.

As education director of the Squeakland Foundation, she will help to create a place for the Etoys community to participate, discuss, provide, and have fun together.
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