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new etoys website


Many of you have started, or will shortly be starting, a new academic year at your school or University. We wish you a successful and fun-filled new school year!

We have just launched our new Etoys web site to coincide with the new academic year. It is still found at "", but its design and content are all new. It features a brand-new version of Etoys for download, which we will announce in a separate message.

We hope you'll find the new site simpler to navigate, more straightforward in sharing our message, and loaded with helpful content. New materials include complete video from the "Squeakers" DVD and a series of "screencast" lessons, thanks to Tim Falconer of Waveplace. You'll also find some new tutorials and a showcase of projects. Also on the site are web versions of over 50 "QuickGuides", created by Kathleen Harness of Illinois, which provide concise tutorials for many things about Etoys. Living versions of the QuickGuides can also be found "inboard" in the new Etoys application itself (click on the ? at the left edge of the tool-bar).

The "showcase" section on the new site has very few projects on it at this point -- please share your projects to help populate this area!

We intend the site to be a living, continuously-evolving resource, a showcase and clearinghouse for "all things about Etoys." Please help it evolve and grow. The site will be largely maintained and supported by volunteers, so we need your contributions as well as your suggestions.

We will also be producing a quarterly newsletter that will be posted to the site (and sent to you via email if you choose to subscribe) so please share your experiences with us!

Thanks to you all for your interest in this learning community. We look forward to exchanging ideas, projects, and more.

Kim Rose & the Etoys team