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Building the Community

(by Rita Freudenberg, from newsletter)

When I first got word about the creation of a new organisation with the mission of taking the gift of Etoys and helping it evolve, I was very interested. I thought about it a week and then spoke up, "I definitely wanted to be a part of this." That was last November and since then I have spoken with so many interesting people about Etoys and and the Squeakland Foundation. I'm very enthusiastic about our plans.

One of my chief goals will be the development of the online Etoys community for every Etoys user out there, through both the Squeakland website and elsewhere. Given how much I enjoy talking with teachers, educators, developers, and learners, I'm sure it will be a rewarding experience for all. I'm looking forward to growing this community with you.

Though a computer scientist, I've worked in the educational field many years. As Squeakland's education director, I will focus on the use of Etoys in schools, universities, and other places where people learn. I will listen to your experiences and spread the word about Etoys, helping our deep learning dreams become reality, more and more.