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Super Science Kids workshop

Right after attending C5 conference, the VPRI Etoys group visited a workshop with Etoys at the Toshiba Science Museum. There are workshops at the museum and Showa Elementary School every month, organised by Toshio Miyasaka from Digital Hollywood Graduate School. At the moment they have a project called "Minnade Tanoshiku Squeak", which means "Let's all enjoy Squeak" in English. The website is in japanese, but one can use Google translation. The objective of the project is to develop teaching materials and test them through conducting workshops for children.

Toshio Miyasaka says " I am impressed every time I conduct a workshop and see the expression on the children's faces. They really seem to enjoy Etoys, which is not surprising since it embodies Dr. Alan Kay's ideals and hopes. It reaffirms my belief that we, as adults, should continue to reach out to as many children as possible with Etoys. And although our efforts may have limited impact due to time and human resource constraints, we hope to continue education for children using Squeak Etoys."