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First Squeakland Book Sprint

Squeakland will have it's first Book Sprint to create a Reference Manual for Etoys! Please join us online during the week of December, 7 to December12, 2009. The book will serve as

- the manual you can look up every part of Etoys,
- the documentation of what we commit to support in Etoys and
- the starting point for other, more elaborate materials.
For writing we intend to use FLOSS Manuals.

The manual will be available online (html and pdf format), and as a real book per print-on-demand. It will be licensed under MIT, so that we can also ship it within Etoys. We will work on it for a whole week from December, 7th until December, 12th. At this point, we are not planning a central in-person meeting, but the whole event will take place virtually on the internet. We will chat on an irc channel, and we will haveaudio chats every day to provide the opportunity for a talk. Of course, if you can organize a local meeting somewhere, that would be great!

You can find more information on the wiki page.

We will examine if we really need all the objects we currently have in the Etoys image. This documentation will be a list of all things our users can expect to be working fine in Etoys, we should leave out objects we will not support in terms of maintaining. That doesn't mean we will remove it from Etoys, but we will not include it in the documentation. So we really need developers to participate at least in the first discussion on December, 7 at 2 pm EST (which happens to be the time of the regular software meeting :) .

To join the sprint, please put your name on the wiki or send me a message.