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showcase fixes

We had a real backlog of projects waiting to go live on the site. This weekend I tweaked several things and fixed a few bugs, and as a result, a slew of new ballots went out.

Now every public project has at least one vote, which means they're all visible.

We're up to 102 projects! Quite a selection. Lots of great stuff.

On a more technical note, I changed the "re-ballot" priority to make things more fair. As ballots expire, projects are picked to get new ballots. Before tonight I favored projects that were the oldest. I've switched to favor projects with the fewest votes. Why? Because there's a real imbalance in the rank list . . . many with lower average points are at the top of the rankings because they're old (such as the Waveplace ones), simply because they have almost 10 voters apiece. Other, better, projects are still down the list because they haven't gotten as many voters yet, mostly because of the earlier priority.

This switch in ballot priority should even the playing field a bit.

Keep in mind, this system was designed for a bigger pool of rankers. We're a bit saturated now, so there's a bit of a logjam.

Please consider helping us rank projects . . . it's quick, fun, and really helps. You *don't* need to be an educator, just someone who likes Etoys.


and click "Yes, I'd like to help rank projects!"