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Registration open for Squeakfest   19-Jun-09 (teefal)

Registration is now open for both Squeakfest USA 2009 (Los Angeles: August 10,11,12) and Squeakfest Brasil 2009 (Porto Alegre: July 23, 24, 25). Squeakfest USA registration costs $100, or $125 if payment is received after August 1st. Squeakfest Brasil registration is free. Please register as early as possible so that we may better plan the events. To register for Squeakfest USA, click here. To register for Squeakfest Brasil, click here. To find out more about Squeakfest, visit We hope to see you!...

etoys sighting: SqueakyPic   19-Jun-09 (teefal)

Have a look at this really impressive video showing an Etoys interface to a microchip (PIC16F877A MCU)

Etoys named Editor's Choice   20-Jun-09 (teefal)

We're very pleased to announce that Squeak Etoys has been named Editor's Choice by Children's Technology Review in their June 2009 issue!...