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let us know you're listening   09-Oct-09 (teefal)

If you're reading this message, and you like Etoys, please take a minute and let us know you're listening: We're trying to get a better idea of the size of the Etoys community. Also, please forward the link to other Squeakers that you know.... now has multiple language   18-Oct-09 (teefal)

It was a *lot* of work, but is now available in multiple languages. Currently we support English, Spanish, Portuguese, and French. There's much content that needs further translating, particularly for French, but you can see for yourself by changing the language drop-down in the upper-right corner. As a bonus, I've enabled automatic Google translation for project comments and the Squeakers page: Anyway, we've made a start. If you'd like to add your language to the list, read these two issues and then click "contact" on the website to volunteer:'> There are still some spots...

Etoys 4 has been released!   24-Oct-09 (teefal)

Squeakland is proud to announce the release of Etoys 4, which you can now download from our website. Special thanks to the Squeakland software team, particularly Bert Freudenberg, Yoshiki Ohshima, and Scott Wallace for their tremendous efforts in the last month. Your hard work really shows!'> In our Fall newsletter, you'll find some thoughts by Scott Wallace, along with the Etoys 4 release notes which detail the changes you'll find. Of special interest is the new Squeakland Showcase. Everyone can now share their projects directly from Etoys to our website, where the Etoys community can then benefit from...