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squeakland showcase is done, for now

I've finished my work on the new Squeakland showcase. It should be considered beta (feature complete), with only bug fixes till next month.

You can watch the new Showcase Preview video.

Please take the time to watch this before making suggestions on how to improve it.

To create an account so you can upload projects to the showcase, click here.

We *really* need you to upload good projects. We'll be doing a great deal of publicity for Etoys 4 and the showcase in late October.

Till then, please upload projects, ask others to upload projects, and comment on projects.

Consider this the "housewarming" period, where friends and family spruce up the place before the big party.

Please help!

Suggestions for showcase improvements can be added here:

1. click "showcase" to see other open issues, so you don't duplicate them

2. make an account

3. click "Create new Issue"

4. describe the issue, using "showcase" as the component

Such suggestions will be reviewed by Squeakland for possible inclusion in November.

Thank you for all of your suggestions and help. Now go tell some friends about it :)