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Here's a sampling of groups from around the world using Etoys right now.


EtoysIllinois is based at the University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign.


Using Squeak to Infuse Information Technology

Squeak Etoys website of Prof. Randall Caton

You find several projects for K - 16 learners.

Advanced Etoys projects by Markus Gaelli.

Squeak Deutschland

A Non-profit association of German-speaking Squeakers/Etoys users focused on education.

Etoys Brasil

This Portuguese-language website is dedicated to spreading Etoys and its philosophy in Brazil.

A community created Japanese-language website for Etoy users and developers.

HP Super Science Kids

A site created by a Hewlett-Packard sponsored team to encourage children to learn more about their world through science.

ALAN-K Project in Kyoto City

This Japanese-language site contains writings describing the experiences and findings from a three year pilot program.


This Spanish-language site is maintained by the Etoys community in Spain and is influenced by the LinEx project in Extremadura, Spain.


Kusasa, a Zulu word for tomorrow, is the name of a new, dynamic learning system for the 21st century created by developers in South Africa.


OFSET community wiki encourages the use of free software in education. It comes with Etoys resources both in French and English.


Waveplace uses Etoys to teach digital media skills to Caribbean children.


Squeaklandia is the website of a portuguese Etoys community.