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This section shows favorites picked by the Squeakland education team.
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Add relative integer

by hilaire <hilaire>

Didacticiel to learn adding two relative integers with the help of a little toy.

Ant Colony

by <yoshiki>

An ant colony simulation. Check out the comment for this project on the web site, then check out this description on the website, then check out the about flap in the project. Also check out the description.


by <yoshiki>

An illustration of ellipse drawing

The Butterfly Queen

by Wendy <teefal>

Waveplace Nicaragua Pilot

Speed Acceleration

by Alan Kay <alan>

In this project, three different types of acceleration are modeled.

Particles Epidemic

by Yoshiki Ohshima <yoshiki>

The way that a contagious disease spreads is often hard to understand. This project simulates such a disease.

Turtle Geometry

by Yoshiki Ohshima <yoshiki>

Etoys can do what a Logo system can do.


by Karl <karl>

Random Racing

by Alan Kay <alan>

This project illustrates a fun use of the random tile.

seymour Quest

by Tim Falconer <teefal>

A sample storybook that shows many Etoys scripting techniques

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