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Account: pad

Member Since: 2009-Oct-12

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by p-a Dreyfuss <pad>

olpc V-toys V5

by P-A Dreyfuss <pad>

visual programming system for young children and international sharing of projects.

a -l Prince

by P-A Dreyfuss <pad>

tutorial for active labels

Kids In Clouds

by P-A Dreyfuss, S Guyader <pad>

active labels having instantaneous actions for young kids

kedama -pi

by P-A Dreyfuss <pad>

approximation of pi using kedama

olpc V-Toys -Challenge 1

by P-A Dreyfuss <pad>

Visual programming system (V-toys) tutorial.

stereo Etoiles

by P-A Dreyfuss <pad>

New version with tools for creating your own stereograms.

demomidi 2

by pad <pad>

Synthe squeak

The Walkers

by Pierre-André Deyfuss, Suzanne Guyader <pad>

Walking shadows moving by morphic programmation.

Walke -Particles -Pixels

by P-A Dreyfuss <pad>

A new project from two projects in the showcase: Kedama pixels and The Walker.

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